The "Flexitarism" trend: a great opportunity for cheese

The "Flexitarism" trend: a great opportunity for cheese

True movement advocated by an healthy and responsible way of life, flexitarianism refers to vegetarians part time. This new mode of consumption advocates food diversification by consuming meat, but not at every meal, or even every day. It is the search for a healthy way of eating without depriving oneself and benefiting from the benefits of each category of food.

This new trend is attracting more and more French people. According to Kantar, 34% of French households declare themselves flexitarians in 2016 while they were only 25% in 2015. The growing interest in this diet could well reflect an awareness of issues of healthy eating and development sustainable.

Cheese is a real opportunity for these people who practice this new mode of consumption: consume less meat but keep a good protein intake thanks to proteins naturally contained in cheese and which are otherwise better assimilated by the body than those contained in the meat.

Our solutions: we develop cheeses naturally rich in calcium, such as Emmental for example. But all of our traditional cheeses and PDOs will provide healthy and diverse nutrients for the body.

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