Snacking, the new Eldorado of food industries

Snacking, the new Eldorado of food industries

The snacking continues to have the wind in sails in France and records a strong growth which should continue over the years to come. Indeed, the products of the snacking come respond to the rhythms of life of the French: lack of time for lunch, search for meal solutions to eat on the go and economic.

But today, snacking no longer rhymes with fat and sweet products. Nibbling wants to erase its bad image and develops on recipes that take into account new consumer concerns. For example, the sandwich was able to reinvent itself to satisfy the current food patterns: more sophisticated range, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian ...

The challenge: to succeed to combine greediness, originality and lightness.

As for salads, they continue to play a role of boosters in the self-service department in supermarkets. The stars of the department are unsurprisingly the "salads plateaux-repas / crudités" which are the perfect solution for meals on the go. The trends: diversification of the bases of recipes (Quinoa, Bulgur, lentils ...), the customization: sauce to be dosed oneself, the topping to add, etc

The burgers and pizzas, are not left behind and bring their touch of originality. Gourmet recipes, original and based on fresh products that also meet the trends around organic, vegetarian and gluten-free.

The good news in all this is that with our wide range of traditional cheese, fondue and PDO we can meet this demand for originality, greed, but also satisfy the vegetarian, flexitarian and gluten-free trends.


Our solutions: we offer a wide range of cheeses with different cuts and adapted to your needs that you can find on our pages "Our solutions" and "Your uses". We are also at your disposal to work together on tailor-made solutions tailored to your needs.

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