Terroir . Authenticity . Flavors of yesteryear

Terroir. Authenticity. Flavors of yesteryear

The return to simple things where taste is the most important thing! Despite the trend of "better" eating, consumers do not forget the concept of pleasure. Through gourmet recipes, authentic and with a touch of nostalgia consumers are more and more fond of the local products they rediscover.

Today, the agri-food industry is grappling with the issue of terroir and regional products in order to offer consumers labeled products that meet strict specifications guaranteeing quality and traceability to really preserve these special productions. .


Our solutions: our cheeses labeled: PDO, PGI, Label Rouge.

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Focus on winter cheeses

Cheese is rooted in French gastronomy. Synonymous with pleasure, it is good for health with nutritional benefits, such as calcium.