Seasonality, synonymous with quality

Seasonality, synonymous with quality

Beaufort in winter, fresh goat in spring, camembert in summer ... There is a wide cheese platter allowing us to vary the pleasures and not to be satisfied with the same flavors all year long. Moreover, seasonality is synonymous with quality: a good dairy product certainly depends on the know-how of the producer but also and above all on the welfare of the animal and the quality of its diet. In the spring, herbs are fatter and more abundant, so cow's or sheep's milk is better. A county or a goat from these spring milks will be much more tasty and fruity than a cheese made at another time of the year, in autumn or winter. This is how reblochon matures in September, the fresh goat wins our plates in the spring, and the Beaufort summer is eaten in winter (refining time requires). However, it is obviously not impossible to find very good cheeses out of season.

Focus on the cheese calendar


Cheeses made with spring milk rich in beta-carotene have a greater aromatic complexity and often have a pretty golden hue. This is the season of goat cheeses and soft pasta with a bloomy rind (Brie de Meaux for example).


This is the season of choice for the first uncooked pressed pasta cheeses (Saint-nectaire, Reblochon), cheeses with soft pasta (Tomme de Savoie ...), washed rind cheeses and finally cheeses with a floral rind.


This season heralds the beginning of marbled pasta cheeses (Roquefort, Fourme d'Ambert) and more typical and full-bodied cheeses such as Munster.


As grass is becoming increasingly scarce, milk production slows in winter. This is the season when it is good to eat cooked pressed pasta cheeses made in summer and then aged for a long time (Comté, Beaufort, Gruyère).

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